Trying to setup a good Dynamic DNS solution

Since I had to give-up my Static IP Address as part of my UVerse installation, I am looking around for a way to setup a Dynamic DNS Solution that would provide consistent access to my Home Network from the outside world.

The Problem: The challenge is that since I am now using PPOE to connnect to AT&T, my IP Address changes frequently.   Since the IP Address changes frequently, I cannot consistently know when the IP Address changes, and what it changes to. 

The Partial Solution: Enter Dynamic DNS, or DynDNS.  This is a solution that works to automatically detect the new IP Address assignment and update DNS “Dynamically” whenever a change occurs.  The Router (or software package running on one of the Private Network PCs) would detect this change, then notify the DynDNS Host Server (which is always consistent) of the new IP Address.  The downside of this particular solution is that the DynDNS Host Server will traditionally only allow the new user to pick a name for a subdomain of their existing domain choices (in my case,, and some users like myself do not like this kind of restriction.  

The Rest of the Solution (I hope):  So I’m working with my provider to see if I can create a new subdomain of and have that setup to redirect incoming traffic to the URL.

I hope I can get this setup…

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