What would it take to make a Dream PDA?

I’ve been giving this some thought lately, and I’ve come-up with the following specifications:

Chipset: Intel PXA 624MHz or better
System Memory: 64Meg or better
Flash ROM: 128Meg or better
GPS: SiRF Star3 or better
Screen: 3.5″ or bigger
Resolution: VGA 480×640 or better
Wireless: 802.11G WiFi or better
BlueTooth 2.0 or better
Memory Form Factor: SD
Security: BioMetric Finger-print scanner
OS: WM5.
Camera: 1.3 megapixel or better
Cellphone: optional

Currently, the Loox n560 comes closest, lacking only the Biometric Fingerprint scanner and the Camera.  The IMATE JasJar is a close second, but lacks the faster processor speed, the GPS, and the Wireless G (and WPA), but does include the camera and Cellphone.

Another HSI (High Speed Internet) Router setup

Today I got to work on a new brand of Router currently being distributed to Verizon High Speed Internet (HSI) customers: the ActionTec modem & DSL Router GT704-WG (presumably for “Wireless-G”).

It had a nice browser interface, but a very limited implementation of WPA, in that it only allowed alpha and numeric characters for key-entry.  This goes against the industry standard, which is to allow additional characters (specifically special characters) to be used in key generation.  If the intention is to secure the connection between the client and the access point, then why reduce the effectiveness of that security by limiting the character-set the key is based on?  Sigh…