For Bloggers who lament the EOL of Windows Live Writer

For those Bloggers like myself who used and loved the Windows Live Writer (latest version was I believe v16.4.3528.0331), it was truly the single greatest piece of code I had on my laptop at the time.   I was blogging across three or four active sites at the time, and life was generally good.   But then Windows Live Writer’s EOL happened: the End of Life back in August of 2012 when Microsoft decided it didn’t want to continue to support the product.   I seem to recall talk of folding the dev crew into Window team.   Regardless, it was a critical hit in my ability to Blog efficiently.  Of course, I kept using the 2012 version, but there were times when I needed to re-install it, and lost the location of my previous download, or on those occasions in 2016 when it didn’t work very well with Win10.

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