About Me

David Matson My name is David Matson, and I am one of those techno-nerds who spends his time keeping up with all the new technological breakthroughs in the industry.

When I got tired of just working at the local telecom, and not really doing much more than that, I decided that I would create my own side business.  After all, I had a lot of clients whom I was helping-out on a regular basis.  Things were going pretty well, and then I met and married the love of my life, Jana. 

With her assistance, I got the business back online, and started working in earnest on getting all the paperwork completed to make the business official. As part of this new side business (“Matson Consulting”), I also did a lot of website creation. 

I had also been assisting a technology-website for a couple of years, but the site owner and myself did not agree on how I should go about promoting my future writing career, so we parted ways (as did quite a few other staff members before and after me).

I ended-up following a good friend, Jack Cook (who had been the Chief Editor at the “other” site), to the a new website called MobilitySite, and from there I started my own blog.  I had also begun working at another website for a product called GPS Tuner, which is wonderful “off-road” GPS navigation program.  I had befriended the author/developer a couple of years ago, and now I assist him by providing technical support for his user base.

My experience assisting other users in troubleshooting their problems has also prepared me to assist other users with their problems at Microsoft’s own Windows Mobile Owners Circle forums (later changed to Total Access forums, and now Windows Phone forums).   I have apparently been so helpful that one of their lead technical support Moderators recently honored me with the offer to become one of their official Moderators.

I have also been awarded with a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)  Award continuously since 2008.    You can read more about the MVP Program at the Microsoft MVP Program website.  You can read my individual profile on the MVP Program website here.

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