Adventures in Server Admin (aka Installing my new HBA card)!

So the new HBA card arrived last week, but I was way too busy to deal with it then.   Plus, I like to plan things out when doing installations like this.

Anyways, I woke up earlier than expected this morning, and since my wife was still asleep, I decided that it would be a great time to get the new HBA installed and configured. I figured that should only take about 30 minutes. Little did I know, the universe had other plans.

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Also just added pfSense Router and Firewall to Proxmox

I actually added this to my Proxmox Server a couple of weeks ago, but today I finally changed the IP addresses of my ASUS RT-AC5300 primary Router to make my pfSense Router the primary Router at  Then I demoted the ASUS role from Router to Access Point, and now pfSense is running the show!

Proxmox is now installed on new Server

It took a while for my SSD to be delivered, but today I was able to install Proxmox on the Dell PowerEdge Server!    Some of my future projects for VMs or Containers:

  • Pihole Recursive DNS Server
  • pfSense Firewall / Router
  • FreeNAS
  • Change hosting from ISP to self-hosting Websites
  • Add PLEX Server
  • Docker/Rancher/Kubernetes
  • Blue Iris for Surveillence Camera System
  • NextCloud for personal Cloud Service.


Bought a new (to me) Dell PowerEdge R610 Server!

I just recently bought a new (to me) Dell PowerEdge R610 Server from my Green Recycling provider of choice: eWasteGurus in Sacramento.  I purchased it with the dual Xeon x5670 CPU package, and 64Gb of ECC Memory!  Sweet!

No Hard drives though, so I’ll need to source those on my own, which is no big deal.

This ought to keep me busy in the coming weeks and months as I build out my future ProxMox Virtual Environment Server, along with its VMs and Containers. Woot! So incredibly excited to start down this path!