Starting my first day at AT&T IPAG group.

Today begins my first day at the eNOC (Enterprise Network Operations Center) IPAG (short for Internet Protocol AGgregation) group.   Training should last approximately 5 to 6 weeks, and consist of some deep-dive topics relating to Ethernet switching.  The good news is that I’ll be joining my good friend Edgar (who accepted a position on the “first” wave – I’m on the second wave), and my original CMAC manager Kelly will be joining us as well!

A sneak-peek at the upcoming GPS Tuner Atlas

GPS Tuner logo A new version of GPS Tuner 6 is going through the beta test process (the public beta of which ends Monday), and the Regular Build released in a few days after that. 

The new version of the program will be renamed GPS Tuner Atlas, so as to differentiate it from the previous version.  

The new version will be a free update to existing users of GPS Tuner 6, so those users have good reason to rejoice, because this program is soooo much better than the previous version.  

GPS Tuner Atlas should remedy most every bug that prevented users from making full use of the initial program, and also make it compatible with older devices that did not support the Direct 3DMobile API that the original program was written for.

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My Last day as a Testing Technician…

It’s my last day as a Testing Technician in the California Major Accounts Center at AT&T.   I’m taking a couple of days off (Thursday and Friday) so I can take a much-need break before I start my new job at AT&T on Monday the 21st.   On Monday, I’ll become an ENOC Technician, where I will begin a strenuous 6 week “deep dive” training session for all the Ethernet stuff my new job requires.   The good news is that the training is paid!  

I’m hoping to catch back up with blogging and twitting throughout the whole experience, but I have no idea if I’ll even remember to do any of this, as I’m told it’s a rather mind-blowing training experience.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my wits about me!

Wish me luck!

Accepted a job transfer to AT&T Switched Ethernet

A new opportunity presented itself recently, in the form of a job transfer from California Major Accounts Center over to a new workgroup in the eNOC (Enterprise Network Operations Center) called IPAG (short for Internet Protocol AGgregation).  I decided to take it because I felt that I had mastered most of the technologies in use in CMAC.   And besides, I’ve been working with IP for about the last 20 years, so the match was obvious.   I will report for duty on September 21st, when I will begin an in-depth training session lasting approximately 5 to 6 weeks.