Use Authy for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways for a consumer to secure account access on pretty much any platform. Accordingly, if 2FA or MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is offered on any platform that you currently use, then I strongly recommend that you take advantage of it.

When logging into any platform, your 1st “factor” is your password for that account.  For example, if you’ve set up SMS Authentication, email authentication, or use an Authentication App, then the code/link in your SMS/email/App is the 2nd factor, thus the “two-factor” in 2FA. That single EXTRA piece of information alongside your account password goes a long way in helping to secure your account.  Some would argue that SMS and E-mail 2FA are bad because they are more readily bypassed by Hackers.  This is a TRUE statement, however, in my book, any type of additional “factor” for authentication is a good thing, so even SMS and E-mail is better than nothing!
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