Adventures in Server Admin (aka Installing my new HBA card)!

So the new HBA card arrived last week, but I was way too busy to deal with it then.   Plus, I like to plan things out when doing installations like this.

Anyways, I woke up earlier than expected this morning, and since my wife was still asleep, I decided that it would be a great time to get the new HBA installed and configured. I figured that should only take about 30 minutes. Little did I know, the universe had other plans.

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Also just added pfSense Router and Firewall to Proxmox

I actually added this to my Proxmox Server a couple of weeks ago, but today I finally changed the IP addresses of my ASUS RT-AC5300 primary Router to make my pfSense Router the primary Router at  Then I demoted the ASUS role from Router to Access Point, and now pfSense is running the show!