Bought my tickets for the 2010 MVP Summit

My hotel reservations were secured a few weeks ago, and I just recently bought my plane tickets, so I’m basically ready to go (minus packing a few days before the flight).

Having missed CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2010, I am totally bummed to have also missed CntrStg 2010.   I really miss the interaction with my MVP peers and fellow bloggers, so the 2010 MVP Summit will be a great opportunity to meet new MVPs, connect with old friends, and enjoy the best that Microsoft has to offer!

Received the Microsoft MVP Award for a second year…

Wow!  I just got word that I received the Microsoft MVP Award for a second year in a row.   These last couple of weeks has been truly busy!   With this award I will be travelling in mid February up to Washington state to participate in the MVP Summit, and let me tell you I’m really looking forward to that!