Windows Phone 7 Launch Event in NYC

This morning’s Windows Phone 7 Launch Event, while appearing in a somewhat subdued fashion, ended on such a very high note that I considered the launch a rousing succcess!  

The lack of an impressive Microsoft presence in the Windows Mobile field over the last few years has kept the fanboys and girls from becoming overly excited at the event, like Apple fanboys are with just about any Steve Jobs announcement.   Heck, even Antenna-gate showed a lot more Apple fan enthusiasm than this launch event.   However, I really think that Windows Phone 7 is such a different OS that it will quickly gain mindshare with consumers who have yet to purchase an iPhone.   It *may* even convert a few existing iPhone/iPod users.

I also appreciated Steve Ballmer’s enthusiasm, and Ralph de la Vega provided some very interesting details on AT&T’s future device line-up!

Joe’s presentation, with all the demos and live interaction was a complete joy to watch.   I especially enjoyed watching his bravery and true faith in taking a second shot at connecting to the Tell Me servers to complete his online search for Alaskan Airlines flight number 7.  VERY IMPRESSIVE.

In all honesty, I can truly say that I cannot wait until November 8 to get a new Windows Phone 7 device!

Presented with Microsoft MVP Award 3rd Year in a row

mvplogo160I received notification earlier today that I have been presented with another Microsoft MVP Award for the 2010 year.   This makes my 3rd consecutive award-year!   

This year, I am one of 79 MVPs in the Windows Phone category, and one of just under 5000 MVPs (across all disciplines) worldwide this year, so sufficed to say that I once again find myself in good company.

This also means I’ll be able to attend the 2011 MVP Summit in February, which is always a blast.  

This totally makes my day, and my weekend to boot!   Woo hoo!