Cirond’s PocketWinC as a Troubleshooting Utility

If you are having problems with your WiFi Wireless connection on your iPAQ, and your encryption needs do not exceed the WEP specification, then please consider purchasing, downloading and installing this utility: PocketWinC from Cirond. The current release is Version 2.0 Build 986.
NOTE: Currently, a new utility called "Wi-Fi Companion" (from Socket Communications) is the preferred troubleshooting application for the the Wireless Wi-Fi Problems Forum. This is due to "Wi-Fi Companion" having:
1.) WPA/PSK compatibility.
2.) Easier Graphic User Interface.
3.) Free 14-day Trial period.

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Greetings All!

Today is a wonderful day.  There are a great many things that helped me to arrive at such a decision.

  • This is the first day for my new blog (short for “web-log“). 
  • The consulting business is taking off (it was never meant to be an extra income, just a way to be professional and certified while helping friends and family) and paying for itself now.
  • We have a good client base, and several users signing-up for long term support plans.  
  • A couple of websites that I’m designing are close to being done.
  • I have installed a user-forum, and it’s in place & working!  Clients can post their questions here publicly, and get a response in as short a time as possible. Later clients can benefit from the answers provided to earlier clients!

See?  I told you it’s a wonderful day!