Network Settings: "Work" compared to "The Internet"

To obtain the most functionality out of your iPAQ, we suggest you configure your settings to reflect “WORK” instead of “The Internet” whenever possible, as a lot of methods of connectivity are NOT supported under “The Internet” (see table below).

Function/Ability Work The Internet
VPN     x-mark
ActiveSync     x-mark 
Socks/Winsock   (Both)   x-mark 
Host Access   WINS Style (no periods)   DNS Style (periods)
Proxy Server     x-mark 


I would whole-heartedly suggest that EVERYONE set their connection to WORK (aka “My Work Network”), as it offers so much more than THE INTERNET. Here’s how to do it:

1.) Go to START > SETTINGS > CONNECTIONS > ADVANCED (tab). Choose “Select Networks” button and make sure BOTH of the entries on the subsequent page are set to “My Work Network”. Click “OK”.
2.) Then, click on the “Network Card” button, and then choose the Network Adapters tab (if it’s not already the default tab). Make sure this selection also refers to “My network card connections to:” and then the choice “Work”. Click on OK.
3.) Then the last verification: Go to START > SETTINGS > CONNECTIONS, then on the (default) Tasks Tab, choose SET UP MY PROXY SERVER option and make sure the top option “This network connects to the Internet” is checked, and that the 2nd option is UNCHECKED!

You’re done!