2Wire Technical Support passing the buck to AT&T UVerse.

I’m having problems getting the necessary functionalities back that I used to enjoy while using standard DSL.   Namely:

  • VPN Client: Client Access to IP Pool requires additional “spare” IP’s to use on the home network if a VPN client connect to the network.
  • Dynamic DNS Agent:Since I lost the ability for Static IP, I must now rely on Dynamic DNS services to link my current IP Address with a personalized domain name.


Neither of these services are provided by my new 3800HGV-B 2Wire Router, so the best solution at this time is to try inserting my old Router (Linksys WRVS4400N Business class Router) into the 2Wire.

Understandably, AT&T UVerse Technical Support does not support such a configuration since the service works with just the 2Wire Router in place.   Likewise, Linksys cannot assist me in configuring an “upstream” router.  Logically, 2Wire would be the best party to provide additional help in supporting my desired configuration, but instead of trying to be helpful, they are instead referring me back to AT&T. 

I’ve since replied back to them and advised them that AT&T won’t assist since the service works, and Linksys shouldn’t be asked to assist since the problem is with a piece of upstream equipment. 


We’ll see what their response is…

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