The topic of Net Neutrality revisited…

I wanted to take the time to communicate to you the single most important action that you need to take to retain your existing rights to free speech, but may not even have know about until you read this article.

Currently in front of the FCC is a proposal for changing of the current definition of Net Neutrality.  The FCC has issued a 120 Day Comment period, which has been extended recently due to the incredible influx of community comments so far.  The new deadline is September 15th.

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Accepted a job transfer to AT&T Switched Ethernet

A new opportunity presented itself recently, in the form of a job transfer from California Major Accounts Center over to a new workgroup in the eNOC (Enterprise Network Operations Center) called IPAG (short for Internet Protocol AGgregation).  I decided to take it because I felt that I had mastered most of the technologies in use in CMAC.   And besides, I’ve been working with IP for about the last 20 years, so the match was obvious.   I will report for duty on September 21st, when I will begin an in-depth training session lasting approximately 5 to 6 weeks.