Product Review of Cirond’s "PocketWinC" WiFi utility.

Today I published my first Product Review, about a piece of software that assists users in finding and connecting to WiFi Hotspots on Mobility Today.

After installing this program, most users will realize just how powerful their wirelessly equipped iPAQs are; well above the standard established by Microsoft’s “Zero Configuration Networking”, the iPAQ will become a portable WiFi Scanner and hotspot detector (Hotspotter). Additionally, the program makes a great troubleshooting utility for WiFi related problems. By my calculations, Microsoft’s ZC Networking only sees about 4 out of 10 WLANs (or 40% of the actual networks available) in a test area here in my hometown. After having loaded PocketWinC, I was able to see all 10 WLANs. This was confirmed by double-checking with another Laptops with scanner software loaded.

To see the full product review, click here.

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