Cirond’s PocketWinC as a Troubleshooting Utility

If you are having problems with your WiFi Wireless connection on your iPAQ, and your encryption needs do not exceed the WEP specification, then please consider purchasing, downloading and installing this utility: PocketWinC from Cirond. The current release is Version 2.0 Build 986.
NOTE: Currently, a new utility called "Wi-Fi Companion" (from Socket Communications) is the preferred troubleshooting application for the the Wireless Wi-Fi Problems Forum. This is due to "Wi-Fi Companion" having:
1.) WPA/PSK compatibility.
2.) Easier Graphic User Interface.
3.) Free 14-day Trial period.

Click here for a detailed review of this product. See below for a screenshot of the main display screen.

PocketWinC will assist me, my fellow moderators, and your fellow users in helping you isolate the cause of the problem. Once it is installed, please unplug the battery for 30seconds, then replace. This will cause a core-reset of the wireless adapter, and force a Soft Reset on the iPAQ itself. No data is lost on a Soft-Reset.

Once you have enabled your wireless adapter, and are within PocketWinC, please go to Tools > View IP Properties, and please report back to us what the various settings are:

Adapter Name:
MAC Address:
Address Type:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server:
Lease Obtained:
Lease Expires:
WINS Servers:
DNS Servers:
Host Name:
Domain Name:

Also, on the full-sized screen of Pocket-WinC, please advise of the following settings:

1.) Do you see the name of the Wireless LAN you wish to connect to?
2.) Click on the WLAN name you wish to connect to and hold. This will produce the context sensitive menu. Select "Connect" from the top of the menu. Is the indicator on the wireless symbol painted GREEN in color, or RED?
3.) Is the lock icon showing a closed/locked network, or open/unlocked?
4.) What is the signal strength (100%? 60%?).
5.) Does this signal strength get better the closer you get to the Router?
6.) What is the channel assignment?
7.) What is the mode that PocketWinC is detecting (next to channel assignment)?
8.) Do you have WEP enabled on the Router? If you do, please Disable it for now.
9.) Do you have MAC Address Filtering enabled? If you do, please Disable it for now.

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