Got our AT&T U-Verse Installed today!

Well, I was so tired of DirecTV and their HD “glitches” that I decided to give AT&T’s offering a try. 

After all, I’ve been with all the major providers so far: Comcast, then Dish Network, then most recently DirecTV.  I still had to go thru seven receivers (five Standard Definition, two High Definition)before we got one that worked, and while the programming has been fairly consistent, it still has a lot of problems.  Mostly it was lots of issues due to typical satellite “line of sight” related issues (inclement weather, birds sitting on the LNB of the dish, etc).  It didn’t help that I knew more about their services and products than their technical support people did.  Please don’t even get me started on their lack of customer service!

Anyways, I ordered the service back on the 8th, and the technician showed-up today as expected. 

Because I had wired my house for CAT6 way back in 2000, most of the work the technician would have needed to do was already done.  We used Ethernet connections to bridge all of the boxes to the new 2Wire Router (3800HGV-B), and I’m getting a good solid 25Meg download (shared between the TV Programming and my High Speed Internet).

Unfortunately, I had to give up my Static IP address that I had with my “grandfathered” DSL service, so now I’m researching Dynamic DNS (DynDNS).  I’ll probably have enough info when I’m done to write a how-to…