Sacramento Metro Airport WiFi

saclogo It didn’t take more than 15 minutes to get through the security checkpoint in the airport, so now I have an hour an a half to kill.  Having a million things to do online, I decided to take advantage of the Sacramento Metro Airport “Free Wi-Fi”, available in the food court area.  

I have a VPN tunnel connection so that I can browse the Internet securely, but I can’t quite see all the other users of this Free WiFi being aware of the inherent dangers of  Public WiFi Hotspots. 

It’s really hard to recognize a hacker, sometimes they can look very professional in a suit and tie, so you can never be sure who is who.   As I type this, I see six suits typing at their keyboards.   Walking over to pickup my order, I observed at least one conducting what appeared to be personal banking on his laptop.   I certainly hope that he practices safe computing by using a VPN tunnel.   That’s just not a good idea at Public WiFi Hotspots. 

I guess that it’s time for me to dust-off my 4 part series on Security in a Mobile world…

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