Got HP’s Free Repair packaging kit

Well, the Free shipping kit has arrived.  This is for the HP DV-9000 that I need to send back to HP for a warranty repair. 

Some included documentation clarifies the issue greatly.  As I had originally hoped, they indicate on one of the enclosed forms that they will only perform an OS Restoration if they have to, not as a first resort as my good friend Al had insisted in the first place. 

However, now I have a problem.  Al said one thing, and now I have a document that says another.  Which am I to believe?   I sincerely want to believe the document, but after all that has transpired, I can’t really be sure of anything from HP.

The one constant that I am still looking into is a good backup solution.  I’ve got plenty of backup storage space, but what I’d like to just perform a Ghost Backup of the entire drive and if the unit comes back with any missing files, I can just restore the image…

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