Turn your phone into an Authentication token!

I was turned onto this Authentication Solution recently, and I have to admit after having looked the site over that the possibilities for this type of a solution are extremely high!  Cost of Ownership appears to be significantly lower than a Token Key system (think SecurID), which means Return on Investment will likely be much higher.

Here’s how it works on a pre-configured site:

  • Enter your usual username and password.
  • Instantly, you receive a phone call. Answer and press the pound sign (#).
  • That’s It!

This simple process provides two separate factors of authentication through two separate channels (your computer and your phone service).  So instead of just answering a network challenge by providing your PIN and PASSCODE displayed on your SecurID token, this service will call your cell-phone and then you enter a # into your phone.

Some advertised benefits:

  • Works with any VPN, enterprise application, or website
  • Eliminates the need for tokens
  • Works with any phone anywhere
  • Easy to setup, manage, and use

Pretty cool, huh?   For more details, check out their homepage

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