I applied to be on ETEN’s Beta Test team

Well, I was invited to take a survey and see if I "qualified" to be a part of ETEN’s  Beta Test team.  

I am certain that I qualify on the technical front, but I am unsure if I’ll get the role since I was pretty hard on them in the survey that they asked me to fill-out.  Some of the questions appeared to be geared to see if I had high-expectations of the company and their products, and since I said yes to all of them, I will likely be passed-up.   Oh well.

It would have been fun to work with them!   And if I could only get them to up the ante on their SD RAM offerings, every device they made would be top-notch.  This was the Achilles’ Heel of the X500+ that I reviewed a while ago.

Here’s hoping….

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