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The Developer at Megalith Systems has completed work on a problem that has been nagging GPS Tuner users who own HTC P3300 devices.  This particular SmartPhone has a unique method for accessing system memory that prevented GPS Tuner from recognizing the built-in GPS receiver (GPSr).  landscape_mode

Temporary work-arounds used in the past required the use of 3rd party "port splitters", which were needed to allow GPS Tuner to properly locate and use the built-in GPSr.  This problem has now been resolved!

He also completed work on a previous update (V5.4a), but it was completed so soon (less than 5 days) after the initial release of V5.4, that I did not publish the update.

Version 5.4a

  • Google Maps and Open Street Maps zoom level calculation is improved.

Version 5.4b

  • GPS Connection on HTC P3300 devices is fixed (using Type 1 mode).

For more information, as well as download hyperlinks, please visit this page:

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