What would it take to make a Dream PDA?

I’ve been giving this some thought lately, and I’ve come-up with the following specifications:

Chipset: Intel PXA 624MHz or better
System Memory: 64Meg or better
Flash ROM: 128Meg or better
GPS: SiRF Star3 or better
Screen: 3.5″ or bigger
Resolution: VGA 480×640 or better
Wireless: 802.11G WiFi or better
BlueTooth 2.0 or better
Memory Form Factor: SD
Security: BioMetric Finger-print scanner
OS: WM5.
Camera: 1.3 megapixel or better
Cellphone: optional

Currently, the Loox n560 comes closest, lacking only the Biometric Fingerprint scanner and the Camera.  The IMATE JasJar is a close second, but lacks the faster processor speed, the GPS, and the Wireless G (and WPA), but does include the camera and Cellphone.

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