Should I form a local Mobile Device User Group?

Just attended a local PC User Group, and got to thinking again about forming my own Special Interest Group (SIG) for Mobile Device Users.

If I do, I’m wondering what name I should give the group.    Since I’m old school, and I started-out on a PocketPC, part of me wants to start a “Sacramento PocketPC User Group”.  But in reality, the term PocketPC is fairly antiquated, and the new OS from Microsoft is now actually entitled “Windows Phone”.    So if I went with “Sacramento Windows Phone User Group”, then I would effectively be excluding other OSes like Palm and Apple.  

My best idea is to go with “Sacramento Mobile Device Users Group”, as it does not limit technology to Microsoft technology, but also infers a compact solution.   But after giving it some additional thought, I would not want to discount netbook or other technologies that just happen to be bigger than your pocket.  But since latops and netbooks are mobile devices, they would still be covered…