CES 2009 was somewhat disappointing…

As my first Consumer Electronics Show, I was truly stoked that I could be laying my hands on some never before seen technology, cool gadgetry, and some truly innovative solutions.  

Unfortunately, there were no new truly innovative solutions presented, no new cool gadgetry, and the not one really new technology in sight.

Admittedly, I only got a chance to visit the Las Vegas Convention Center (proper), and not the Sands/Venetian Convention Center, but still.   Not much of anything that was truly awe-inspiring.  Very disappointing.

The number of visitors attending the show was down dramatically for this year, due almost certainly to the downturn in the economy.  Some exhibit booths were vacant, which to me indicated that quite a few companies went out-of-business between when they leased their booth and the actual show.   Very sad indeed.

Don’t get me wrong.  There was an awful lot of cool stuff, but not much was truly new.  The best stuff was available at CntrStg, a unique event for Bloggers that I participated in this year.

More on this in the coming days…

Got the GPS Tuner booth up & working!

Today I got to meet the new CEO and Sales Director for GPS Tuner, Tamas Frigyes and Marta Hunics dr while setting-up the new GPS Tuner booth at CES 2009.   I also got to meet my long time friend Gabor Tarnok, whom I have known for more than three years now.

Truly a great day!



Tamas Frigyes (CEO), David Matson (Tech Support), Marta Hunics dr (Sales Director), and Gabor Tarnok (Founder and CTO).

CntrStg is looking like an incredible event!

cntrstg-logoA couple of years ago, several Bloggers (Eric Hicks, Johan van Mierlo, Mike Temporale, and Stephen Hughes) went through a dozen nightmare situations trying to attend interview appointments with big vendors like Palm during CES 2007.  Quite frequently, the vendor was late or was a “no-show”. 

They decided that there “had to be a better way” to do this and spare themselves the disappointment and wasted time and energy.

This year, this same group of Bloggers got together and held their very first CntrStg event, where the vendors would come to the Bloggers, and it looks like it is going to be an extremely successful event indeed!

Heading out to CES 2009!

CESWednesday morning I’ll be getting ready and heading out the door to catch my flight to Las Vegas Nevada where the Consumer Electronics Show is being held again this year.

I’ll be hitting all of the best exhibits and checking out the newest gear.  I’ll also be helping out my friend Gabor with his product GPS Tuner, and another friend Johan with his new Bloggers-only event called CntrStg (short for “Center Stage"). 

An extremely important factor will be the fact that I will finally be able to meet a whole bunch of people that I have know for a very long time but never had the chance to meet in person!

And among them will be my very good friend Jack Cook, whom I owe a tasty steak dinner for all of his wonderful help and patient mentoring…

I’m so excited!   More posts to come in the next few days as the show moves along.