A list of Android Single Exploit Scanners

There are a lot of exploits out there on Android, such as “StageFright”, “Quad Rooter”. There are approximately 514 of them out there, and most are avoidable by walking the straight and narrow path.

Here’s a quick list and the related download link for the Google Play Store:

Quad Rooter




The last 3 are older exploits, but it would still be worth checking each of them on your device. My device came up clean for each of those. Yay!

For Quad Rooter, I found that I had one exploit that could still impact my device, because Samsung and AT&T haven’t patched the underlying issue yet. The other three of the four exploits in Quad Rooter were effectively patched already due to the August Android Patch.

If you want to check for an Update (or force an Update), go to Settings > System > About Device > Software Update.

Once you’ve scanned your system with each scanner, and find your device is clean, feel free to uninstall the scanner.

Let know if there is are any other Exploit Scanners that you think I should have mentioned, and I’ll try to add it to the list!

EDIT: Corrected a typo, added TAGS, and reworded a couple of sentences for clarity.

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