Have an Unlimited 3G plan and 4G device?

A couple of months ago I was lamenting a problem with my new Lumia 900, wherein I was unable to connect to free AT&T WiFi Hotspots automatically.

This turned-out to be due to the fact that I was still on an AT&T 3G Data Rate Plan, even though I was using an LTE device. This caused any AT&T WiFi Hotspot to query the AT&T Wireless side to confirm my eligibility to access the hotspot for free, essentially validating of my Rate Plan. The response from AT&T Wireless is that there is no Unlimited Rate Plan for my LTE device, which then caused the connection to fail.

So then I was faced with the prospect of having to give-up my Unlimited Data Plan and choose a tiered rate plan in order to correct this issue. This wasn’t really a worthwhile solution to fix a WiFi issue, so I decided to leave it alone.

Well, thankfully I held-out (and hopefully you did too!), because AT&T has apparently seen the light and created a new Rate Plan called “4G/LTE Unlimited” as of September 6th. I should mention that this obviously only applies to EXISTING GRANDFATHERED “Unlimited” Users.

So if you originally had an Unlimited 3G rate plan and are now using a 4G or LTE device, you should call the AT&T Wireless number listed on your bill and ask for the new 4G/LTE Unlimited Rate Plan! It should be the same price as your current 3G Unlimited Plan, and should also be no charge to change from one to the other!

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