Can’t get Crysis 2 Limited Edition content to work?




I have been trying to play Crysis 2 “Limited Edition” for the last few days, but have been experiencing a really annoying problem.   While Crysis 2 itself is actually a really great game, EA is apparently having problems with the DLC (Downloadable Content) aspect of the game.   I had successfully downloaded the content from the MarketPlace to the XBox (via the redeem code function), but it won’t appear within the game; at least on the XBox 360 platform.

I couldn’t find anything about this particular problem on the interwebs over the course of four or five days of research.  All related problems that I found were for the PC platform, not the XBox.

So I started a chat session and advised the young lady I spoke with about the problem.   I was eventually transferred to a supervisor queue, where I spoke to Adam (name changed to protect the cool).   Chad was helpful, but he beat around the bush for a bit before finally admitting that no one will be unable to access their Limited Edition content at this time.  Below is my chat session, with the only editing being the obscuring of names:

clip_image001Adam: One second while I research this further
clip_image002David Matson:
clip_image001Adam.: I just figured out that this is a known issue, and there is no fix at this time.
clip_image002David Matson: No fix for what? I can’t get my content?
clip_image001Adam: No one’s codes work
clip_image002David Matson:
What the ****?
clip_image001Adam: I do understand how frustrating this is and I am willing to do what I can to help

He did indicate that they are at least still working on resolving the problem:


clip_image002David Matson: What are my choices?
clip_image001Adam: We are working to have the content fixed, but there is no set time.

…so I could conceivably be able to access this problematic content at a later time once they resolve the problem.

After calmly discussing the issue for 20 minutes, it was agreed that he would provide me with a free Digital Download game, plus two (2) $20 discount coupons towards a future purchase, which I thought was very generous of EA.

So, if you bought Crysis 2 Limited Edition, I expect that you are probably going to have the same problem, and will want to access EA’s chat option ( and ask to speak to a supervisor about the issue.   If you play your cards right and don’t come off sounding like a jerk, you might do as well as I did, or even better!

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