Fable 3 worse than Fable 2

Boxshot: Fable III by MicrosoftI just finished Fable III a week ago, and I’ve been wondering whether or not the game was actually worse than the second game (Fable II).   I had originally decided to take my time in mulling this over, and after a whole week of waiting, I am now ready to say that it is very much worse than Fable II.

The story had the unenviable role of being both the best and worst part of the game, it’s own worst enemy so to speak.   Peter Molineux’s desire to provide a gaming experience that combined a very dynamic user-defined environment (based on the users choices made in the past) with a static plot didn’t mesh very well.  

It’s great to see the environment around you shaped by your decisions, but it really sucks to be controlled in how you can play the game.

During the last “year” in the plot, I felt as if I was in some scene from the Danny Kaye movie “The Court Jester” where my character is led by the butler from one event to another, and does not allow me the time or opportunity to stop the main plot to go anywhere else.

[POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING] The “events” that I am asked to attend and pass judgement are very contrived and feel more like Peter is very intent on making the player regret buying the game.  

Early on in the game, I am asked to make promises -which, by the way, I cannot refuse to make, and then later I am forced to make an impossible choices by keeping those promises.   For example: to be asked to continue making use of child labor, or build a schoolhouse.   I would have preferred building the schoolhouse -and- offering all the poor homeless folks a job, thereby replacing the children and keeping the economy strong.   Peter couldn’t think of this?   No, because he’s more intent on making you sorry for making the promise originally.  Very frustrating.

Honestly, is it at all realistic to expect that ALL “good” decisions that the player makes would become such a huge detriment to society?   Why must EVERY “bad” decision equate to being able to put money in the city coffers?

On top of that, the game was also remarkably short, lasting only about 25 hours, compared to F2 that lasted almost 40 hours.  Where Fable II got a C, I am giving Fable III a D-.

This will most certainly be my last Fable game.   I encourage you to spend your money on any other game…

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