Newly released: GPS Tuner Version 5.4j

Megalith Systems has just released version 5.4j of  GPS Tuner, their award winning “Off-road” GPS Navigation application.

This new version includes these new features:
– When installed on Magellan’s MobileMapper 6, it can take advantage of the special sensors (E-Compass, Temperature, Pressure) that this device contains.  Details can be found at:
– When installed on an HTC Diamond/Touch Pro, it can take advantage of the sensors (Light Sensor for Day/Night mode, Nav Sensor for Zooming In/Out in Map Window or in Graphs).

For all other devices:
– Fullscreen display
– Long press of EXIT button can send GPS Tuner to background (minimize)
– Optimized display of tracks and routes on VGA devices

Check out the 2 week free trial at

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