The new Linksys WRVS4400N is in place!

I just hooked-up my new Linksys WRVS4400N Wireless N Router with VPN server built-in.   It is currently acting like an Access Point at this juncture, since  I want to make sure some issues I discovered during my research phase do not become apparent before I place it in Gateway mode, where it will control of my entire network and the Internet connection.

But already, I am quite impressed by this unit.  And boy, is this puppy fast.  My Wireless G signal strength appears to be about 40% better than with my previous 2Wire 1800HG Wireless G Router.  And the number of security options is truly dizzying.  I’ll be beating on it for the next day or so, then hook it up so that it will be the Gateway.  This hurried aspect is due to my having received the Router today, and the seller only offers a 3-day window for returns.

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