I am invited to join Microsoft’s "WM Owners Circle Forum" Moderator Team!

I was recently invited to join the Moderator Team at Microsoft’s “Window’s Mobile Owner’s Circle” forums by my good friend Jack Cook, and it goes without saying that I readily accepted! 

I will be working with the existing team members: Jack Cook (whom I work with currently at MobilitySite), Laura Rooke (whom I was honored to work with at MoblityToday way back when), Johan van Mierlo, Linley Meslier, and Mina Mistry.  

Below is Jack Cook’s announcement:

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to pass on to you that today we have added a new moderator to our midst.  David Matson, aka Elrendhel, will now be part of our group offering support to users we spend so much time with. 

Laura and I have known and worked with “Elrendhel” for years, so we know firsthand the kind of support he offer us.  He will be a great addition to our team!  Initially when we started the forums, when ever there was a question on Wi-Fi, I would ask David if he could jump in and help out and of course, he always would.  Well it appears as if he likes it here and has agreed to jump in often.David, it is again a great pleasure and a unique privilege to once again be working with you.  Thank you for agreeing to spend some time with us!

So now we have two mods on the east coast (Johan and me), two on the West coast (Laura and David) and one (Linley) on the other side of the globe basking in the sun on the Island of Mauritus.  Life is good and it becomes better every day when I look at who I am working with.  I am appreciative of all the efforts from all of you.  Not only are you helping the users that visit but I am learning an immense amount from all of you …. That is very cool!

Thank you for the warm greetings and kind words Jack, it is good to know that I am once again amongst good friends!

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